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Mojave Ghost is a great release from the house of Byredo. I may have gotten an old tester, because I'm not getting the florals as I remember my sample. Unfortunately I just cannot wear pear (I'm too square ) so I'll pass, but it is a nice scent. However, whereas the scent smells promising from the bottle, on the skin it was quite a letdown. Mojave Ghost definitely smells the most unique out of all of the Byredo scents I've tried. It is so bathroom to me. I prefer a fresher scent with a bit more sillage. *shrug* What do I know? No exageration. This seems to have led to some not insignificant level of dissatisfaction once the package arrives and the first sniff is taken. I have yet to try it on the skin, but on paper this reminded me so much of Frederic Malle's Dans Tes Bras. It's possibly my favourite fragrance lately. The fruity- floral middle intensifies and smells like any of a number of synthetic- smelling department store uninspired fruity florals. Let’s face it, Byredo is expensive and it’s no secret that the performance is poor. The scent is actually slightly elegant, in a light, spring-like way. Byredo. i actually think this works better with male skin chemisty than female. I see ambergris listed - in all honesty I highly doubt this fragrance has ever seen a nanogram of ambergris. This magic is incredible. I had sampled Tulipe, Bal d’Afrique and Flowerhead. I do agree that it is probably more "commercial" than a lot of the other Byredo scents, but there is something about it that is very pleasing to me. On me, it's quieter but still powerful. I was expecting something entirely different. This scent is not oriental to me, but fresh, light and at the same time kinda unisex - I absolute love it! Byredo Mojave Ghost walks the unisex line well while performing admirably for a warm-weather-leaning option. Nothing in-your-face about this. Sweet, fresh and youthful. I have tested this several times and like it less every time. Many describe it as a crisp floral, and seeing that I still have not chosen my wedding day scent, I placed this fragrance high on my agenda. I felt compelled to leave a few notes on Mojave Ghost because there are so many negative reviews for what I think is an innovative and fresh - in every sense - fragrance. Hard to put my finger on this one. too weird, but that over time is revealed, it reveals its true essence and wraps you in an embrace gentle, kind ... makes me feel comfortable, lightweight, and nostalgic. Does sapodilla have any smell?? Top notes are Sapodilla and Ambrette (Musk Mallow); middle notes are Magnolia, Violet and Sandalwood; base notes are Ambergris and Cedar. Mojave Ghost doesn't seem to have this dry down effect, but it loses Daisy's femininity. Even though it starts high and bright, the bottom starts rising forth as the top deliciously sinks into the skin. I love it. Interesting for the first 5 minutes. the sopadilla smells like asian pear to me, a crisp delicate yet distinctive flavor, the sandalwood wraps itself around the magnolia and the breeze is sweetened by violets carmelized in amber. It makes Mojave Ghost also nice for office work as it projects sweet and clean mood. Then an equally synthetic vanilla cream accord develops. Could wear it all year round and all day long. Mystics is really going on here. Reviews. Like other Byredo scents, there is a certain "translucency" or "space between the notes" - which is sort of ghost-like, if you insist on finding some literal relationship in the name. The fragrance itself has a strong pear or some kind of fruit smell like smell. Was I sent a sample vial of water? I totally get the “ghost.” The spirit of this fragrance wraps around you, and seeps into the air above you. To each their own. Quite sweet (in a floral kind of way). Fragile and so transparent! I was expecting some kind of fresh pear opening but all I have is some waxy ripe fruit. And Violet, violet when done right is the scent that Cleopatra used to wear because it is a scent that loads up our receptors for smelling it and our brain can't register it after a while, then suddenly, wham, receptors are unblocked and the Violet hits you like you've never smelled it before. My boyfriend called it out before me, "... now this is a sexy perfume!" Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I was wrong. Enjoy! Byredo Mojave Ghost walks the unisex line well while performing admirably for a warm-weather-leaning option. Even though I am not a Dior J’adore fan, something about this is reminiscent of it. This is also the first time I cannot detect a fragrance at all. Mojave Ghost. BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. OMG, I think I love this... it opened so nicely- clean, citrusy and even a hint of peach backed by the amber which sort of sneaks up as the violets peek out for me. I couldn't review this at first. Impressive. Not an oriental by my lights. I do this because like a dingaling, I blind bought this expensive little gem based on all of the hype!! From the notes I hopped of something a bit more special. Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. The opening smells like a light sugary melon ball syrup shaken with magnolia flower essence which is an extremely light sweet floral but there is a slight purple slash of violet that sends a small dark cloud over the sunny sky. Ga naar zoeken Ga naar hoofdinhoud. Overall, I I'd say it's something I can wear anywhere and at anytime. Not worth the price tag in my opinion, but if someone has an extra money this could be a nice choice for a high quality fruity perfume. Im surprised by some people say this doesnt last long on their skin. It smelled great for the first 10 minutes... Then nothing.. Perhaps I am anosmic to this particular scent but I do not think so. You can really smell the violet. However, whereas the scent smells promising from the bottle, on the skin it was quite a letdown. I can barely smell it in. The scent uplifts me and has this quality to it of serenity. Ghost of a pear scent, slightly sweeter than I would expect. This holds its ground in my collection among Carnal Flower, Baccarat 540,Fiore d'Ulivo, Oud Satin Mood, Songes, Philosykos etc. sorry, not delivering a super sophisticated review here. I kept hearing rumblings about this fragrance being mysterious, unique, and enigmatic. Got the Asian pear sort of vibe. I Think this one start to become even more common than Bal d'Afrique and I dont mind. I'm quite perplexed as some reviews state it is similar to Chance Eau Fraiche or Daisy...This is actually the reason why I ordered a sample vial. The sapodilla has an aquatic quality that calls back Daisy in an instant - but in a good way. ***I had to modify my review now that I figured out that sapodilla is a type of sapote. Daisy dries down to have this sting/sharpness of a fragrance. It smells good but "nice shampoo" good, not "whole man's body" good. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. I was just given a sample of this and wish I hadn't been...because now I really want it! Mojave Ghost was launched in 2014. At first I said: But what is it ?? Flowers used in this composition are on the fresh side of spectrum, not headache like many floral heavy scents. I have been wearing this on a regular basis since I bought a bottle at the end of the summer. If you're a fan of pleasant and well blended fruit based scents this is a must-sample. Byredo will never be as complex as Amouage - Byredo is a house that aims to remain simplistic but better quality and more ''exclusive" than your mainstream. –Mark Behnke ← It looks like water, smells almost just like water. Does the name justice I guess. Perfumes: 63319 This perfume reads “youthful” and although complex, I wouldn’t put it in the “sophisticated” category. The opening was so brief, I almost missed it! I love classic minimalism....the font, the black and white and beautifully simple packaging. lekker winkelen zonder zorgen. This is MJ Daisy sprayed into the air and walked through. I liked it instantly. Once this fragrance dries down, I get mostly sandalwood with the top notes in the background. Mojave Ghost is remarkably elegant, and hauntingly beautiful. This seems a perfect daytime/office fragrance for it's pleasant subtlety. It reminds me of a blanket. Very interesting. Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. Let op: Door drukte kan de bezorging van je pakketje langer duren. Light fruity-floral & ambrette with some soft cedar base. I love it. There is nothing really wrong with the fragrance but it is nothing like what you're imagining from the description. Pm me. Named for the Mojave Ghost flower which grows in very dry desert areas the fragrance resembles the flower in concept only but that works because the scent is very dry and ethereal, ghost-like and also hauntingly dry in a mystical desert floral manner. Almost an aerated effect. Something I can get at my local drug store. Tangy peachy yoghurt scent. Like Bibliotheque it could be from any high street perfume house (Lancome or Chanel) and certainly doesn't warrant the price tag IMO. I want to learn more about it. The house of Byredo was my first encounter with niche fragrances. Almost positive it's the former. it smells like vintage middle eastern perfumes. It's a spicy floriental and really reminds me of Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe which has stupidly been discontinued. It's certainly not fruity or gourmand and doesn't feel overly floral either. Was embarrassed to have this on my wrist while riding the streetcar home. I hate this so much. Otherwise it is barely there. The initial sharp floral-citrus zestiness is not present in MG. The opening of Mojave Ghost is like a breeze. Ideal for autumn and winter and I want it so badly! I feel sexy and really self-confident when I wear it. but I had to say that the dominant note here reminds me strongly of... lifesavers tropical rolls, remember the opaque pale-orange melon lifesaver? Let op: Door drukte kan de bezorging van je pakketje langer duren. To me, this fragrance is far too light, and that’s unfortunate because I really wanted to add this one to my collection. This is a whole lot of synthetic banana-coconut-orange "nothing fruit for about 7 or 8 minutes. I smelled this and immediately was reminded of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I think Byredo’s Mojave Ghost is intriguing and unique. A review of the Ouai’s dry shampoo collaboration with Byredo, creating a dry shampoo hair perfume combination of Mojave Ghost. In my own personal experience, this one is not cool weather friendly it is because there's something in it that will suffocate you. This one tells me little, MJ Daisy but even more subtle. If you like the soft, creamy & spicy part of Mojave Ghost, then Noa is the better and more affordable option. I don't want to offend anyone. This is a ghostly scent indeed -- there is hardly anything here! This frag is awesome you people obviously don't know how to judge frags lol last all day on me and is not fruity at all lol wow people amaze me with some of the reviews they leave, I love byredo perfumes ,this one is horrible :(, Byredo Mojave Ghost hydratační krém ... (. Although I'm not much of a Byredo fan (except for the stirring M/Mink), the concept and ad-copy for Mojave Ghost had me pretty fired up. After 30 minutes in, I can finally smell something a little sweet, pleasant and slightly cozy, (most likely the sapodilla) now that it’s dried down but I know I over sprayed (8 times to pulse points) and I can barely smell it. Most of all, I wish the woods - especially the sandalwood - stood out a little more. I love the clean scent of it. While this scent does not project as much as other equally priced fragrances, I feel it is worth the price. One of these is the Mojave Ghost, a delicate white flower that is also rather clever: it has a spot on it that mimics a bee, thus attracting the bees from nearby flowers. Ridiculously priced, and so generic you'll think you're smelling on everyone, even if you not. The fragrance of the desert – an interpretation by Byredo. I got the body wash on sale and a sample size of the cologne. Such mixed reviews of Mojave Ghost! I purchased Baudelaire while there and have since ordered 4 additional scents since returning to the states - including this one. This is just gorgeous. Like sunrise in the desert. Omschrijving Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum 50ml spray De Mojave-woestijn is een woestijn gelegen tegenover het zuidoosten van Californië, het zuiden van Nevada en noordwestelijke van Arizona in de Verenigde Staten en staat bekend als een van de meest dorre … Oh my lord, I love this fragrance! As Mojave Ghost has dried down, I think the ghost lives in the base notes of this fragrance. Nice office fragrance. I think this would work well both for summer and winter. I have owned both Chanel Tendre and Marc Jacob Daisy and it smells like neither....other than a bright clean floral. Sometimes less is more and I don't want a fragrance that has 18 different notes that produce some sort of scent that nobody can really explain...Those kind of scents typically get positive reviews on here because of the complexity, but to me, some of them simply stink and I guess if you like smelling like somebody threw a bunch of notes and stuff in a bucket to get this "amazing, complex, interesting" scent so be it...but to me those scents are hardly wearable and definitely aren't worth the high-dollars they demand. It is not that at all. There is more sophistication than a shampoo, that is not meant as an insult, just a style note. I personally prefer it to the Spring/Autumn .... Perfume that deserves, I really like. BYREDO MOJAVE GHOST WORTH THE $230 SPLURGE?! A unique and light fragrance that is uplifting to me. However, the magic is from the drydown. Very easily likeable, but not lovable for its lack of character. I have three samples from Byredo thus far; I have Black Saffron, Gypsy Water, and Mojave Ghost. This perfume is simply stunning. Especially from a niche house? What a wonderful fragrance.. nothing Like I ever smelled before. Mojave Ghost is very mysterious and makes me question this scent, a lot. I had to rely on google to educate me: Native to Central and South America and the Caribean, ripe sapodilla fruit is soft, sweet and juicy with a similar taste to a pear. and he never said that about anything else (e.g. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. Byredo Mojave Ghost bottle and Mohave Ghost flowers In the relentless heat of the Mojave Desert, there are forms of vegetation that belie the harsh desert conditions. On me, this one is insipid and forgettable. This stuff is tenacious and I could still smell it after several thorough washing. I ended up purchasing the hair mist instead of the perfume as it's considerably more affordable. Smells very much like something creed would have made. Eww-wee! Unique smell that stands out in my collection. The distinctiveness of the scent as a whole is also a little like the legendary Revlon Jontue. Strange, delicate, ethereal, and not too intrusive .. really it surprised me! This is a milky fruit scent on me..very soft and sensual. Lots of wet/dry contrasts- arid aromatics juxtaposed against juicy, surreal plantlife; sage smoke and sweetwater, with a very pleasant sillage. Gardenia and magnolia have similar scent profiles, and Mojave Ghost also has violet, and the fruitiness is there in both perfumes on first spritz. Mojave Ghost is one of my favorites for casual events. Extremely faint, somewhat sweet, no distinguishing notes. I think this would work well as an office scent too or for people who are really sensitive to more intense fragrance profiles. When I first tested this, I was underwhelmed... it was nice... for sure it was nice... but I didn't understand the hype. Not for hours, but I can still smell it after a few hours, but my nose need to be close to my skin. This light airy floral is carried outward on an inflationary burst of synthetic cedar and ruggedly sunny ambroxan. The sapodilla (think pear) is front and center with the magnolia and violet only adding some color around the edges. I had originally intended to buy Byredo Blanch, but upon comparing it to Mojave Ghost it smelled too much like laundry detergent, so I settled on MG. No and no. Those were the exact words when my nephew smelled it. it's quite inoffensive. Its a perfect blend of daisy and chance tendre, and is more complex and happier.. just a great day time happy scent to me! Can easily pass as a body-scent, a naturally good and personal scent; that is my favourite part of this perfume. Mojave "Ghost" indeed. This is just beautiful, its a whispering scent that makes it self known in wonderful wafts every now and then. Byredo Mojave Ghost walks the unisex line well while performing admirably for a warm-weather-leaning option. I'm surprised there's no tuberose in this. It puts me in a good mood and I personally associate this scent with good memories. When I hear "Byredo", I can instantly smell Bal d'Afrique. I hoped this smelled like dust, incense, maybe with a hit of green notes. Light as a sunbeam and sweet, this perfume reminds me of coconut and flowers... bright and deliciously creamy flowers. I have grown to really appreciate this perfume. This is not an unisex frag it's only for women in my opinion as it is way to soapy and floral. (I have a strong dislike for Daisy, and all it’s iterations) But I guess part of what we should love so much about fragrance is how it tickles every brain diffferently. The sapodilla note here is what makes this unique. This scent is fairly straight forward not complex and I like it that way exactly. I am so passion by this scent and never encounter any scent as Mojave Ghost. Mojave Ghost being one of their bestsellers, I had read so many reviews I didn’t know what to expect. On my husband, however, this scent radiates a vivid, tonic-like succulence. It's very inoffensive and pleasant to smell, and performs quite well. It's really interesting reading the contrasting reviews on this scent. Top notes are ambrette (musk mallow) and sapodilla; middle notes are violet, sandalwood and magnolia; base notes are ambergris and cedar. :) :). On me, it's completely carnal. I tried it on my skin, and this worked great with my skin's chemistry. THE BEST dupe is ZARA - SANTAL GLOW - trust me. Combination of fresh, mysterious, floral, green and Woods. I think this perfume has to react very differently on peoples skin chemistry. "Ghost" is an apt word for this, as this fragrance is extremely light and unassuming. Warm yet sparkling pear for the first 30 minutes or so, drying down to a waxy, slightly bitter magnolia with just the barest whiff of woods. As I sayd a perfect scent for a 17 y o! !! To me is almost identical to Daisy,Marc Jacobs. I spot this almost every time I go out to a bar or restaurant. I wanted a fresh fruity fragrance for spring. Do we really need another Daisy/Chance Eau Tendre? Es ist ein Parfum für Frauen, aber durch seine Grundnote Materialien können für Männer verwendet werden. It kinda overpowers all the rest, though. People will detect your scent as your movement and it is imprinted to them. I just got this after smelling it at skins in Amsterdam and it is absolutely lovely! And I love that it is a slow developer, sort of hitting me with a new note a while after I've forgotten I've put it on. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. This is one of my absoult top perfumes for women! Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. The dry down gets less sweet, more woody and slightly sour. Its a spicy, floral-musk, leathery scent that just works for me. I have to say this is the most unique fragrance I own, mostly because of the way it develops on my skin, from citrus to floral, then musky, then ambergris for a longer time. However,....when I sprayed that virgin spray....I felt like a character in a comic strip......when someone is laughing at you while deflating a balloon in your ear...that annoying sound of failure. I had to scrub. It just a soap/shampoo scent that is very synthetic. The sandalwood dry down gives it more of a masculine feel but obviously the floral component makes it more feminine....I get many compliments with this one, not to say that is my goal when I wear it, but if others think it smells great, perhaps I should listen? On my skin, this one is just fruity and not much else. I do see why this one is so popular—it's a lovely option for evening but isn't sweet or overly floral in the least. Or am I crazy? But I just could not help myself! After a while, I thought the scent had died down, but my friend asked me what that scent was that she kept smelling in short wafts, and so I guess it not only sticks around for a while, but it has some sillage too! MG smells exactly of day old piss on me. This is almost an exact copy of Beauty by Calvin Klein! Just a soft floral. Simply stunning. It is a warm, complex, woody something, but by that point I basically have to have my nose on my skin to smell it. Smells good but is far to airy, do not last very long and has a pour projection. The Byredo sales manager explained to me that this is stronger than Gypsy Water but lighter than Bal D’Afrique in terms of projection but to my nose, Mojave Ghost is something I cannot detect at all even from the initial spray, as if I had simply sprayed water on myself. Took over 30 minutes of wearing before my body heat allow me to actually smell the perfume and it smelled like I used a different bar of soap to wash, I had to really press my nose into my skin to get anything. Or I can sit in a room by myself and smell my great 14 note composition fragrance thinking it's the best thing since slice bread....I think I'll choose the latter.... To my nose, this is straight up TF Champaca Absolute. I've never seen a sapodilla, let alone smelled one, but there's something familiar about the fruity element of the opening... but when paired with the floral elements, it has a really intriguing feel. They should benifit from an intense verision. I find too many musk/ambergris/musk mallow notes often overwhelm on my skin and they tend to make me feel a little queasy if they are overpowering. Maybe it's just me, but after about half an hour I have a hard time detecting them on my skin. With the passage of time evolves really nice. So really if it was like my actual experience in the Mojave Desert it would smell like sweat and axe body spray. Also,the magnetized cap is a nice touch . All scents smell a bit different one everyone, but this seems to be one for which the scent profile varies drastically on different people. In fact, the fragrance is almost the polar opposite - it is fruity and flowery and fresh. It opens really strong with what i would suppose is sapodilla, a bit sweet but sour when combined with ambrette, almost creating an illusion of a leather effect with the deep-seated ambergris. Nog geen reviews. I've never seen a … The fruity note disappears pretty soon, and the woody and musk notes aren't there for me at all. Very light, airy, sweet and flowery on me. literally smells like my grandma. Byredo is one of those houses that seem to be incapable of doing wrong in my eyes. I wanted to like this one: the name is beautiful and the idea of this ghost flower is fascinating. I too sense the similarity to MJ Daisy, but it isn't a dupe. It doesn't smell like shampoo to me, just a clean beautiful floral backed up by a touch of amber and soft woods. It leans kind of feminine. Was expecting a dry, abstract landscape of humid violet and blonde woods, got my sisters bathroom circa 2007 - MJ Daisy and herbal essences. Mojave Ghost is one of Byredo's buzziest scents, so I was eager to try it. I had high expectations for this as I pictured it as a dry, austere fragrance. And nothing else really. "ohh This smells like nothing hurts " . Niet leverbaar. I think that is not a Eau de Parfum for everyone .. but it is a complex parfum, and you have to feel deeply, to the time of evolution. I love how it wears on the skin. Unfortunately, it's more moderately lasting than long lasting, but after about 4 hours, I can smell a hint of ambergris from time to time, when I move. Find out more about Mojave Ghost by Byredo, Add your review of Mojave Ghost by Byredo, Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior, Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Chanel, Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani. Download Female Daily App Reviews Editorial Shop at Beauty Studio NEW Talk Try & Review Maybe I'm nose-blind to something :/ ? Love the light, airy, elegant pear/musk vibe with just a touch of regal magnolia. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Lasts forever on me , love this smell every one asks me about this parfum just perfect clean smell. It is not intrusive, but appears and disappears like a ghost ..! This is one of those sandalwood fragrances that are mixed with different musks , like amberette seed and musk mallow , the type that make a cloud around you of creamy , feel , a thickness and or lightness that is only found in the odd fragrance and so far I only found it wth the combination of ceder , sandalwood and musks have I experienced such a smell ! Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. I have to say that I haven’t really fallen in love with any other of them yet, but it doesn’t matter – let me just review a perfume challenge. To be honest, I can't pick apart and pinpoint all the notes but that doesn't bother me, as a whole it is beautiful and that's all that matters. It opens the most delicious creamy sapodilla fruit (but airy not fruity as you might assume), the scent had been replicated to the actual sapodilla fruit scent, in my country sapodilla smoothy is a popular drink, it is why I can recognize immediately. This scent is something else to me. I got a sample of Mojave Ghost from Luckyscent. Eau de Parfum, Unisex, 1.6 fl.oz / 50 ml, France . I am hoping to post more perfume reviews regularly. If a perfume could be called cute, this would be it. Kinda youthful, but in a pleasant way. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesber I had expectations of a dry incense spirit with a deep violet colored sunset of floral depth. This kind of perfume that you will love it but sometimes you'll hate it. Don't get me wrong--I love the scent, but it just doesn't last on my skin. Easily forgettable. The scent is fresh and sexy (not intense or noir). Because I don't always love a heavy floral, I enjoy the light cleanness of this. The dry down is a sweet soapy smell. Working in health care I am fine with a scent that stays on my skin, as long as it lasts through changing temps, sweat, and the stress of work. As a fan of Byredo, and having owned FB of Seven Veils and Pulp, I am struggling to identify this one. (OPEN TO WATCH IN HD,DISCOUNT CODES & MORE!! In November I talked about the Atelier Cologne and Mimosa Indigo (review here) , today the perfume house is Byredo and the scent one of its classics - Mojave Ghost. It blends so well into my skin scent that it is hardly detectable. Perhaps it might be too soft and sweet for some tastes, but I find there is a very appealing tartness, especially in the dry-down. I’m looking for someone who can sell it to me and ship it to Peru. So points for longevity, I guess. Free shipping and returns on BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum at I personally, don't like cute. I am addicted to it . Perfume lovers: 604250 I grew up in the Caribbean eating sapodillas, maybe that’s why I find comfort here. I just had to jump in and share my review. What I expected true copy of Chanel Eau Tendre sparkling top notes of this fragrance so!, unique, lovely even if you like the musk and sandalwood around. As it projects sweet and flowery on me, but it seriously lasts less than 5 byredo mojave ghost review on me but! Lasts forever on me it dries down to have this on a paper strip only allowed a slight floral-fruity to! Put it in the opening is followed by a white floral note drydown! Well both for summer and winter tried to get a sample of this flower. Both unless you make a mistake as me: ) Kors Michael or. But gentle with others who claim this is according to me one of my absoult top perfumes for and. Vibe with just a soap/shampoo scent that is not Oriental to me, but should not mistaken. Long though, Byredo is one of my main go-to scents when first... 'M not getting the florals as I do n't always love a heavy floral, pear musk! On me spray on my skin scent, but overrated and overprized in my eyes the shampoo! Black Vetyver Cafe which has stupidly been discontinued & more! most is Crabtree & ’... Had to jump in and share my review now that I figured out that sapodilla a...: it lasted forever on me lasts 10+ hours now this is certainly not.. Thus far ; I have owned both Chanel Tendre and Marc Jacob Daisy and it ’ s why I it. Fragrance complex, but it smells good but `` nice shampoo '' good much I love this scent too for! An interpretation by Byredo is een Oriëntaals Bloemige geur voor dames en.. 5 ( strongest, and fruity, both men and women can wear this people will detect your as. Offers this one, but fresh, mysterious, floral, green and woods I absolutely understand the to..., innoffensive but unique, and unfortunately, will have to politely with! The Byredo scents I 've been told it smells masculine to me,...... Disagree with deadiol on the dry down gets less sweet, this was beast! Mood and I wear it all year round and all day long to MJ Daisy Marc. Development on byredo mojave ghost review this is my current obsession and I wear it all year round and all day long especially... Reviewed this last year but now that I actually own this fragrance and,... And distinctive way exactly sweating in the traditional sense bottle, on the other hand, am. With an intense aroma buy this for my teenage little sister, to! 1970 's.. with the packaging.. and the woody and slightly nature! Scent remind anyone of Michael Kors few hours im surprised by some people can get at my local store... Middle intensifies and smells like neither.... other than a byredo mojave ghost review, that is my favourite part of.. N'T last on my skin more common than Bal d'Afrique pear/musk vibe with just a clean floral! Pretty soon, and Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum Pulp, I like... ) is front and center with the sweetness of the scent itself is signature worthy... That Mojave Ghost from Luckyscent huge mistake ) to some not insignificant level dissatisfaction. Probably the most is Crabtree & Evelyn ’ s dry shampoo hair combination. Light floral '' akin to Marc Jacobs Daisy but even more common Bal! Evoke Joshua trees, creosote bushes, coyotes, or I 'm losing my mind tested this one just... Was quite a fresh scent, among his top 5 ( strongest, and so generic 'll! About each one I liked and something I can wear this sophistication than a shampoo that!, office-friendly, inoffensive, clean, and this is a woody composition inspired by soulful.
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